During our Slime parties, things can get pretty messy!
The slime is sticky and might stick to clothes, but it’s washable with warm water and vinegar. We suggest guests wear comfortable clothes to enjoy the fun without worrying too much about messes!

Our splatter parties at the art studio are incredibly messy!
Kids get paint all over themselves, including their clothes, shoes, and even their hair. Although we use washable colours, we have noticed several stains after washing, especially with neon colours. Please ensure that the children are not dressed in any fancy clothing or shoes while sending them. Since we’re an art studio, embracing the messiness and creativity is part of the fun!

Yes, please note that there is an additional charge for the second birthday, and your party will last for 3 hours!

Birthday party bookings are non-refundable! However, you
will get account credit minus the cancellation Fees outlined below:
Cancellations made at least 72 hours before the scheduled event will incur a cancellation fee of $100.
Cancellations made within 48 hours of the scheduled event will incur a cancellation fee of $200.
You can use your account credit within 6 months for any 3SQUARES season classes or a birthday party (Drop-ins, workshops & Camps excluded).
Account credits are non-transferable.

3SQUARES ART STUDIO is already very colourful and engaging for parties but you can always add your decoration material for the celebration table like Balloons, simple decoration banners, and decorative plates.
We have a professional decoration team offering different packages for your party theme wishes.
To ensure we can provide the best experience possible, you should book our decoration services no later than a week before your event date!

Art-making can be a messy process and it’s important to keep in mind that children will likely get messy too!
Please make sure to dress your child in appropriate clothing and kindly request your guests to wear casual, loose and comfortable attire.
It’s advisable to avoid wearing fancy shoes as they can easily get paint or stains on them.
At 3SQUARES ART STUDIO, we aim to maintain a clean and safe environment for everyone to enjoy.

Yes. Just a reminder, our fridge can only accommodate a regular-sized cake.

Yes. Unfortunately, we do not have a kitchen or any means of heating food in the studio.
We recommend you order from one of the restaurants nearby.

You will be charged with the number of guests confirmed by you 2 days prior to the party!

If there are no scheduled events immediately after your party, you have the option to extend it with the “Extra 30 Min.” add-on. This incurs an additional fee.
Additionally, if you remain beyond 10 minutes past the party’s end time, you will also be charged the “Extra 30 Min.” fee.