Little Fashion Designers

Picture your little ones transformed into real fashion creators, armed with vibrant creativity and heaps of crafty materials.
This party is perfect for children aged 5 and above who can embark on an exciting journey of self-expression as they design their very own T-shirts with boundless imagination.
“Little Fashion Designers” is not just a party; it’s a masterpiece in the making, where laughter, artistry, and fabulous designs come together.

Party Details

  • 8 Kids Included

  • 1.5 Hours (60 min + 30 min party time)

  • $510 + GST

  • Recommended Age: 5+

Additional Items

  • Additional guests $32

  • Extra 30 minutes Party time $130

  • Parents & Adult Hosting Fee* $150

    * Our parties are drop-off/Pick-up only. If you have more than 4 adults attending the party, an additional hosting fee will apply.

  • Photography $400

    • 1.5 hours of photography coverage.
    • Get all photos in 4k JPEG quality.
    • shareable online gallery