You will be charged with the number of guests confirmed by you 2 days prior to the party!

No, you can’t extend your party time unless you pre-booked the “Extra 30 Min.” option!

The Party starts & ends exactly at a time you book us.
We appreciate you leaving the studio within 10 minutes after the party is over or you’ll be charged the “Extra 30 Min.” fee.

Yes, all parties include art creations that the little ones can take home and enjoy even after the party.

We can host parties up to 25 children depending on the chosen party style!
The number of guests must be provided 3 days prior to the party to ensure we can prep the nessesary materials for the booked party date!

You should arrive not earlier than 15 minutes before the scheduled partys so you can setup Snacks/Beverages/decoration and be able to welcome your guests!

Our Basic birthday party package consist of:
60 min | Activity & entertainment (includes. wiat time for guest arrivals)
30 min | Cake celebration & food/Beverages (If provided by birthday host)
Parties with pre-booked extra time will extend the above times accordingly!

Parents can only stay if they are attending our Toddler Party.
All other Birthday Parties are Drop off/Pickup only.